Blue Pearl Yoga

New Book Makes it Easy to Travel Healthy

19 December

Business travelers deal with a never-ending litany of stresses and pressures; security hassles, delayed flights, missed meetings and constantly hurrying from place to place.  And when there is time to eat, it’s gulping down fast food at the airport, having an overly rich expense account dinner and drinks or the ubiquitous conference lunch buffet.  No […]

The Science of GMOs

27 October

From Ocean Robbins co-host o the GMO Mini-Summit. What a day it’s been in the GMO Mini-Summit. Have you gotten to listen in yet? GMO reporter Claire Robinson told us how the biotech industry uses its influence to block research by independent scientists, and uses its powerful public relations arm to discredit them and even […]

Want more information on GMOs?

25 October

Check out the GMO Mini Summit. Top experts, researchers and activists will share what they’ve uncovered in this 3-day informative and inspirational online summit that’s happening October 25-27. You’ll discover: • Studies revealing the health effects of GMOs and Roundup on animals, humans and the environment • The possible GMO connection to allergies, autism, and […]

What is an Adaptogen?

05 August

It is found in certain herbs and helps the body manage stress. Just like Yoga is therapy for the nervous system, adaptogens are therapy for the immune system. Adaptogens are most enjoyed in tea form and are a great compliment to your yoga lifestyle. Find out more from Organic India about adaptogens.

Empower Me: A Spiritual Perspective on Herbs

29 July

Part 1 of a multi-part series. Currently there are many choices when it comes to healthcare, and this is an opportunity and a gift to nurture your whole being rather then stay stuck in a paradigm of disease. Herbs are the basis of a holistic approach to health. It is only through self-discovery that we […]

Yoga and Essential Oils

23 July

Find out how essential oils can transform your yoga practice and you life! Tana Pittman and April Benjamin are hosting a two and half hour free workshop on essential oils and restorative yoga. Create your continuous harmony. Attend our next doTERRA RESTORATIVE YOGA and OILS seminar! Enjoy learning the uses of essential oils class- followed by […]

ShamMaYoga Unveiled

19 July

Madhuri Martin and Peter Churchill unveiled the fusion of shamanism and tantric yoga at the Telluride Yoga Festival. Madhuri taught a therapeutic-based yet challenging yoga practice, while Peter performed hands-on healing work through manual adjustments, guided understandings and teachings from his new book, “The Way Lightning Splits the Sky . . . Tales of a […]

Hey Curly Girl Yogis

18 July

    How many of you curly girl yogis have struggled with your curls? Curly girls know it well–fighting the curl and frizz with all sorts of straightening products and techniques, or simply giving up because you can’t find a hair stylist who understands curls.   If you are a curly girl, set yourself free […]

The Power of Imagination: People v. The State of Illusion

17 July

People v. The State of Illusion, a new documentary by Austin Vickers, showed at the Telluride Yoga Festival. Austin Vickers is a former trial attorney turned leadership coach and filmmaker. He has used his legal skills to critically analyze the cause of stress and the damage it inflicts upon us as individuals and a society. […]

Herbal Tea as Medicine

26 June

Why does herbal tea, or specifically an herbal infusion have medicinal properties?  It’s warm, it liberates aromas, it hydrates the body, it unlocks nutrients, and more. Learn more from Organic India about why “tea” is a convenient way to consume herbs that act as preventative medicine and can relieve other ailments.