Demystifying Yoga Part 1: Where to Get Started

So your friend told you that you should try Yoga to help with your back pain.  Or your sister who lives across the country tells you to try yoga because she loves it and it makes her feel great.

The reasons people recommend yoga to friends, family, and patients are diverse.  If you are new to yoga, and go back home to figure out how to get started, what do you do?

    1. Most people will Google Yoga in the city they live. So here’s an example of a Google search for Denver Yoga:


2,390,000 hits!

A list of yoga studios that seems to be a mile long.  What’s the difference between all of these studios?

    1. Hmmm, well, ok.  Not sure what to do with that search. So now search for Yoga:


397,000,000 hits!

Because Google knows your location it thinks it knows what you’re looking for so front loads the search results with Denver yoga studios.

Sanscrit definitions.  A zillion references to “yoga means union of mind, body, spirit”. What exactly does that mean?

      • There are so many different types of yoga
      • You see articles on the Science of Yoga, and how it isn’t safe. Yet my friend, doctor, and sibling recommended it!
      • I’m stressed just trying to figure out how to find my first class. I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing?


    1. Search for the closest studio closest to home or work.  That should make things easy.


But do any of those 8 studios nearby match my needs?


    1. Pick one location based on convenient class time.  Go to class. Pray that you have a good experience.


There’s a better way which starts by answering 3 key questions:

      1. Why are you interested in yoga in the first place?  Is it curiosity? To stay in shape? To reduce stress? To address chronic pain? To explore meditation and more spiritual practices?
      2. Do you have any limitations in terms of strength endurance, heat tolerance, injuries, or disability?
      3. What type of an experience are you looking for?  A real physical workout or a gentle more meditative practice?

Your answer to these questions will provide focus to your search and will help identify the right yoga discipline for you.  Armed with the top three yoga disciplines that best suit your needs, you can now refine your search for yoga studios and teachers nearby.  Try out the Blue Pearl Perfect Yoga Finder to start you on your journey.