Connecting Your Yoga Lifestyle

11 June

What is a yoga lifestyle?  According to the 8 limbs of yoga it means:

  • Living a life of truthfulness, non-violence, chastity, and non-possession;
  • Exercising discipline: regularity, punctuality, cleanliness, study and continuous practice until success is achieved;
  • Sitting with intention (not sitting at a desk);
  • Making time for controlled breathing practices called Pranayama;
  • The ability to detach the mind at will from sensory stimulation;
  • The ability to concentrate, focus and hold the mind on a specific object;
  • Time for meditation;
  • Enlightenment where pure consciousness reveals itself to you.

In more practical terms a yoga lifestyle may manifest itself in different ways.

To a busy professional, working Mom, or retired boomer it may mean:

  • Making time for a yoga class, and getting to it on time;
  • Regular yoga classes a few times a week;
  • Eating healthy; even better a vegetarian/vegan diet; or
  • Buying organic and “green” products;

To a yoga teacher it may mean:

  • Making time for a personal practice and continuing yoga education;
  • Maintaining a balanced teaching schedule;
  • Eating healthy; or
  • Keeping up with alternative healing practices from herbal medicine to massage therapy

To others it may mean:

  • Keeping up with yoga gossip;
  • Shopping for the right yoga clothes, mat and tote;
  • Finding the right teacher or studio; or
  • Attending workshops, immersions or teacher trainings

To us at Blue Pearl a yoga lifestyle means two things:

  1. The commitment you make to your practice of yoga in terms of time allocated and money spent; and
  2. Connecting your senses that feed your mind, body and spirit. By senses we mean the physical and metaphysical receptors that tap into a greater energy field. To us a yoga lifestyle is about heightening your awareness to everything around you, and aligning with positive energies.

Managing this lifestyle in our modern world can be a challenge. Following teachers who teach across several studios, finding the right yoga, developing a personalized yoga calendar are all little details of managing a yoga lifestyle that can be daunting. The secret we think is in having access to all the information you need on yoga in one place– yoga classes, teachers, studios, and all the questions or issues that influence your time and money allocations to your yoga lifestyle. Blue Pearl will be launching such a service Winter 2013.  Stay tuned!