How to Find the Perfect Teacher for You

01 May

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years.  I started my yoga practice with a Bikram class and experienced a variety for instructors, from nazi-like drill sergeants to maternal and supportive, to inspiring and uplifting, to robotic in delivering a well memorized script.  Yoga instructors, like us yoga students, come in all flavors.  As I continued on my journey, exploring different types of yoga, I encountered a variety of instructors with differing levels of experience and teaching styles.

When you practice yoga long enough you have the benefit of having experienced a variety of instructors with differing levels of experience and teaching styles.  Depending on the journey you are on, and the type of yoga you have chosen to practice you may be hopping from instructor to instructor based on convenient class times, or you may be a disciple following a particular instructor.  In those years you may have had your share of less than stellar instructors as well as extraordinary instructors.  For those that are new to yoga, or looking to grow your practice what should you look for in an instructor?  I believe there are 5 things every yoga student should look for in a teacher

  1. Experience: Years of teaching
  2. Expertise: Particular expertise in a yoga type, therapeutics, or particular injuries
  3. Tutelage: Under which yoga master did the instructor study?
  4. Yoga philosophy: does the instructor simply view yoga as physical exercise or something more
  5. Personality!

Master yoga instructors, with decades of experience and wisdom, are sensed immediately, as are newly minted certified instructors. The right instructor for you will depend on your needs. Try out the Blue Pearl Perfect Yoga Finder to start you on your journey.