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New Book Makes it Easy to Travel Healthy

19 December

TravelHealthyFrontCoverwithBuyButtonBusiness travelers deal with a never-ending litany of stresses and pressures; security hassles, delayed flights, missed meetings and constantly hurrying from place to place.  And when there is time to eat, it’s gulping down fast food at the airport, having an overly rich expense account dinner and drinks or the ubiquitous conference lunch buffet.  No surprise that trying to eat healthy has long been seen as impossible.  Not anymore.

Travel Healthy: A Road Warrior’s Guide to Eating Healthy is just in time for New Year’s resolutions!

I wrote this book because many people over the years kept asking me how to eat healthy on the road. Others, who do not travel as much, but eat out regularly asked the same question. My goal with this book was to cut through a lot of the noise around eating healthy—including marketing, health book, nutrition, medical, and scientific jargon, and deliver a practical guide to making choices about what to eat, especially in challenging situations.

Travel Healthy: A Road Warrior’s Guide to Eating Healthy is designed to read like a PowerPoint presentation for the busy business traveler and those who prefer to read short books that get to the point quickly.  It features a series of tools that are easy to use that will inspire you to think differently about food.

The book is available at

Print and eBook versions available. The eBook is graphically rich, looks just like the print book, and reads as well on a tablet, laptop, even a smartphone. The print version will be available mid-January.

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