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The Science of GMOs

27 October

From Ocean Robbins co-host o the GMO Mini-Summit.

What a day it’s been in the GMO Mini-Summit.
Have you gotten to listen in yet?

GMO reporter Claire Robinson told us how the biotech industry uses its influence to block research by independent scientists, and uses its powerful public relations arm to discredit them and even destroy their career if their findings are not to the industry’s liking.

Dr. Michael Hansen told us that many scientists looking at the safety of GMOs have a direct conflict of interest because they are being paid by the biotech industry. And that independent scientists consistently report different results than their biotech industry-funded counterparts.

What’s more, Dr. Hansen says, “Any study you want to do with these engineered crops, you need to get the company’s permission. Can you imagine if tobacco research was only done when tobacco companies had the final say?”

Finally, Dr. Thierry Vrain shared with us his remarkable journey starting as a pro-GMO scientist and high level Canadian government spokesperson who was paid for decades to advocate for the safety of GMOs. Upon retirement, Dr. Vrain did his own deeper research on the data and changed his views dramatically. Now he has become one of the scientific community’s leading voices questioning the safety of genetically engineered foods. His story and insights are extraordinary.

All three of these brilliant and insightful presentations are still available on replay, on our broadcasts page.

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